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Courseload and Indiana University eText initiative wins gold at IMS Global Learning Impact 2013 Conference

Results include improved access to course materials, increased affordability and improved quality of learning across IU's eight campuses


May 29, 2013

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Courseload, Inc. and Indiana University were recently recognized as gold recipients in the IMS Global Learning Consortium's Learning Impact Awards. Representatives from Courseload and IU accepted the award at the IMS Global Learning Impact 2013 conference.

The Courseload-IU eTexts and digital course materials initiative received the Learning Impact Award for its use of technology in addressing the challenges faced by the global learning community. Courseload is an innovator in the aggregation, delivery and use of eTexts and digital course materials.

"Courseload at Indiana University provides a great example of the type of world-class innovation that the Learning Impact Awards were designed to recognize," said Dr. Rob Abel, chief executive officer of IMS Global. "The net result simultaneously improves access, affordability and quality of the educational experience at Indiana University."

The Courseload platform, which has been adopted on a broad scale at IU since 2011, is currently in use by over 10,000 students in more than 250 sections.

Anastasia S. Morrone

Anastasia S. Morrone, Ph.D. Associate Dean, Learning Technologies

Print-Quality Photo

"We're very pleased to be recognized with Courseload for leading the way on this important initiative," said Anastasia Morrone, associate vice president for learning technologies at IU. "IU's strategy for devices respects students' choices in a rapidly evolving world, while Courseload's innovations — support on any device, real-time analytics for faculty, and accessible collaboration features for users of all abilities — enable IU to decrease student costs and improve teaching and learning."

IU's Courseload implementation creates the following benefits:

Improved access

  • Immediate access to all course materials using eTexts, so learning begins on day one
  • Access to all digital course materials for duration of student's enrollment at IU
  • Course materials and printing options readily available on any device with a modern web browser

Increased affordability

  • Incorporation of free or lower-cost open source materials and faculty-generated content
  • Aggregated demand creating the conditions for the lowest pricing for content

Improved quality of learning

  • Real-time engagement analytics with all text-based course materials
  • Instructor contextual guidance through annotations within the digital course materials, improving students' understanding
  • Collaborative tools that turn a passive reading experience into a more active process in which knowledge is co-constructed

"We're very pleased to be recognized with Indiana University for this award. From our pilots in 2009 to the present, Indiana University has been a valuable partner in helping Courseload to craft a cutting-edge solution," said John Falchi, Courseload senior vice president of academic and business partnerships. "We look forward to continuing our partnership and seeing even more improvements in affordability and student success through innovation and collaboration."

Learn more about the Courseload digital course materials platform at Indiana University:

About Indiana University and eTexts

Founded in 1820, Indiana University is a major public research institution with 110,000 students across eight campuses. Digital textbooks, virtual software delivery, and flexible learning environments support IU's mobile community and place the university at the cutting edge of IT for higher education. As part of this culture of innovation, Indiana University manages the nation's leading research networks, heads research initiatives supported by the National Science Foundation, partners with other universities on open source software development, and provides leadership in cybersecurity. For more about IT at IU, see

IU's pioneering eTexts initiative began with pilots in 2009, and finished its third full semester in spring 2013. In the last year, the number of participating course sections and students has doubled. The model is now being piloted and expanded at other institutions. For more information, visit

About Courseload

Driven by a commitment to increase access, lower costs and improve learning outcomes, Courseload is the leading innovator in the aggregation, delivery and use of digital course materials in higher education. Courseload eliminates the barriers that have impeded the print-to-digital evolution in academia through a business model inclusive of all stakeholders, an innovative platform incorporating study tools and analytics to enhance learning and pedagogy, and a team with deep experience in implementing educational technology solutions. Learn more at